Never insult a person by giving them an easy job #0

Any team is made up of people who fill different roles. The next few posts will focus on the people who make up our team, the impact that they have on the ministry, and how being a part of the ministry has impacted them. No one who knows me will be too surprised that I’m […]

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Speaking in tongues or what … ?

The live webcast of a church service alternates prolonged periods of intense focus with periods of being prepared for the unexpected while doing not much of anything. Like any group of people working together in a high pressure environment, when we’re working we use a shorthand of industry jargon and our own terms. The pastors say that […]

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Before Every Service …

At 9:00 Sunday morning, the church parking lot is nearly empty.  A couple of cars enter the parking lot, and a 12 year old boy on a bicycle coasts to a stop, locking his bike beside the front doors. Inside, the worship team is already practicing, warming up for the upcoming service. As we follow the boy […]

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The story so far …

the incredible team of dedicated volunteers that, week after week, produces a professional quality webcast that blesses people beyond the walls of Rogers First Church of the Nazarene

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